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GONIL Board Members

Caching Name:
Corp Of  Discovery
First Name:
What County do you live in: Cook
When did you start caching: 2003
When did you join GONIL: 2005, founding member
Glutton for punishment.

Vice President
Caching Name:
First Name: Steve
What County do you live in: Lake
When did you start caching:  2003
When did you join GONIL: 2006
Bio: Loves photography, firearms, fishing,  plays clarinet, retired Navy, works in Sales, no nonsense cacher... Dislikes most over elaborate caches and prefers simple regular sized caches.  Prefers country caching and does road trips as often as possible.
Caching Name:
Bedelia 6
First Name: Amy
What County do you live in: Cook
When did you start caching: September 2011
When did you join GONIL: 2014
I have two teenagers, I work as a department admin for a local high school, and seasonally for a CPA. When I am not caching, you can find me outside either gardening, biking or hiking, or inside playing the steel drum with Harper College, sewing costumes or making quilts.

I got into geocaching after reading a small blurb in a magazine, I saw it as an opportunity to get the kids outside without going for "just a hike." (They don't cache with me as much now, but they still get a kick out of it sometimes.) My favorite types of caches are along a trail in the woods, and if that trail runs alongside a river or stream, even better!

I am happy to be part of the board this year and look forward to
meeting everyone!